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"Sometimes life will hand you a bottle of poison and force you to consume it. Drinking it ALONE will rot you from the inside out…making you insane, causing extreme amounts of pain and ultimately kill you. BUT, if you have a few solid friends, loyal ones that you consider family, ones that are so true that they step up without hesitation, hold out their hand and tell you to “PASS THY POISON” and share it with you… The lethal dose is divided and no longer has the potency it would have and that MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!" - Marc Milici

The PTP message and artwork are inspired by my family's journey and the love that was shown to them and more specifically myself. While it started out as a greeting /toast between 3 "brothers", it has quickly grown into a moto that has resonated and been embraced with many around us.


If you see someone wearing PTP, give them a nod or knuckle bump because that little gesture just might make all the difference in getting them through their day.

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